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“The Sun Is Rising On Open Government In Texas”

Welcome to the Open Records Network of Texas.  This site will provide you with helpful information to access public records throughout Texas and the many governmental and political subdivisions of the State Of Texas.  A listing of the types of entities that are accessible are found below.  This site claims no official responsibility as to the accuracy of the information contained herein and is complied by volunteers.  Every effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate at the time it is made available.  Each email link, when clicked, will open an email message in most default mail clients and place the email address, a “bcc” copy to a record database of questions being asked for backup purposes to show proof of sending and will have a prefilled “Subject Line” with the following statement:


PIA (Open Records Request)” and the body will start off with the following message of:

Texas Public Information Act Request for Open Records of the following description:












Each “button” below is a link to the particularly described political entities.  If the agency or entity you are requesting is not seen below, please email us with the particular agency and all pertinent contact, email and the person or position responsible for “Public Records” and we will add then to the list.


A “tip Jar” is available for those of you that find this information helpful and would like to see to continued and expanded.  Maintaining an ever changing database requires many hours of work.  We will be working on a Paypal solution to this in the near future.